Asphalt Patching

Have Pavecon Patch Your Parking Lot

Asphalt patching is an extremely effective and efficient method of asphalt repair. We offer a number of different patching services to assist you.

Pothole patching is a simple patch that is most often utilized to address a pothole or a number of potholes. It consists of the removal of broken and damaged pavement. We follow this by adding new aggregate to the hole and creating a level surface.

Surface patching is mainly used when the pavement is still in relatively good condition. This form of pavement patching does not require the removal of any of the current blacktop surface or subbase. We apply the patch to the existing surface. Next, we feather the asphalt to match the grade.

Overlay patching is used for sunken areas. The overlay patch helps when there is a lowered area that is collecting water or other materials or liquids. This is mainly a temporary repair and helps to even the surface and reduce liquid collection.

Digout/removal patching is an excellent remedy for a damaged pavement surface.  Removal patching fixes severely compromised asphalt surfaces.

Excavation patching will correct badly damaged or deteriorated blacktop and base layers. Water erodes the integrity of the base material. This leads to further pavement damage if the base layer is not rebuilt.

All of our patching services solve your damaged asphalt, repairing its appearance and functionality. If you are in need of asphalt patching services in Lubbock or any of the surrounding cities, make sure to contact us at (806) 744-1092.