Asphalt Paving

Make Pavecon Your Go-To Paving Company

Pavecon is an industry leading paving contractor serving Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding cities. Our team of professionals are expertly trained in a variety of paving methods. Our crews deliver overlays, rip out and replace, and new installation. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and professionalism throughout each and every project. If you need paving in Lubbock, contact Pavecon.

Pavecon Lubbock provides complete paving services, including:

Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt overlay is the quickest, most cost-effective paving service. It is best for pavement surfaces that have experienced minimal damage with an intact base layer. The overlay consists of applying a layer of paving over the existing surface.

Rip Out/Replace

Rip out and replace reconstruction is another common form of paving. The process consists of removing asphalt and other materials to install a new base layer and top layer. Above all, rip out and replace is necessary when the base layer is experiencing problems.

New Installation

A new asphalt parking lot installation is the most extensive form of blacktop paving. Our crews work directly with you to make sure that your new blacktop parking lot is perfect for your needs.

We pride ourself on continuously delivering top quality asphalt paving services. If you are in need of an asphalt overlay, rip out and replace job, or new parking lot installation, Pavecon is the contractor for you.

Contact us today at (806) 744-1092 to learn more about our complete paving services.