Concrete Repair

Repair Your Pavement with Pavecon

Our crews are highly trained and experienced in a variety of concrete repair methods. We are able to complete repairs on a wide variety of project types, ranging from simple parking lots to apartment complexes and strip mall shopping centers. We understand how important your or parking lot, as such, we aim to deliver only the top of the line pavement repair services to keep it in top shape.

There are many types of concrete damage. These can range in severity, size, and visibility. However, they are effectively addressed with our comprehensive repair services. This will allow you to reduce the chance of needing larger scale repairs.

Some of the most common types of damage are structural cracks, non-structural cracks, macro defects, and micro defects.

Structural damage, or structural cracks, to your concrete surface are by far the most critical to fix. This form of concrete damage can lead to further complications. It can also can lead to customer injuries, damage to vehicles, or other property damages.

Macro defects are another type of damage that can be important to fix quickly. These defects are very unsightly and can make your parking lot look unprofessional, or reduce the curb appeal of your property.

Pavecon is proud to offer complete pavement repair services for you to utilize. Give us a call today at (806) 744-1092.