Rip Out Replace

Let Pavecon Restore Your Asphalt Surface

A rip out/replace paving project is utilized when a majority of the asphalt surface has experienced severe damage. Our crews are well trained in the effective removal and replacement process.

Rip out/replacement projects are a complete form of paving and will take your old, damaged surface and replace it with a new functional surface. This process occurs in a number of steps in order to ensure that the project is highly successful.

First, we remove the top layer of the existing pavement. This will allow for inspection of the subbase, and the identification of any existing issues below the surface. After this occurs, we begin to address all below surface issues. This will improve the overall function and look of the asphalt surface.

Our team has performed countless removals and replacements. From shopping centers to apartment complex parking lot and more, we do it all. No matter what your paving needs are, our Pavecon is ready to assist you. Call us at (806) 744-1092 for a free consultation.